Session Spotlight: Barcoding Polar Life

Kris Jett

Kris Jett

Only seven days left before abstract submission close! Remember, submit by midnight Eastern US Time on 15 June.

Torbjørn Ekrem

Session Spotlight

Session: Barcoding Polar Life

Session Chair: Torbjørn Ekrem

• What does your proposed session cover? Why is it important to barcoding?

Our section on Polar Life covers barcode projects that involve organisms from the Artctic or the Antarctic. Barcoding projects in these fragile areas are important to document diversity and better facilitate monitoring of environmental change. The effects of climate change are expected to be severe in polar regions and it is therefore necessary that we have an accurate and effective identification system for organisms living there. The data collected also provide new knowledge of genetic variation within and between species with circumpolar distribution ranges.

• What is your vision for the 4th Conference?

I hope that the 4th International Conference on DNA barcoding will be as positive and interesting as past meetings and expect to learn more about both technical issues as well as results from empirical studies. I also hope that our session on Polar Life will expand the network of polar barcoders and pave the way for future collaboration in polar regions.

• What research do you do?

I work mainly with non-biting midges, flies of the family Chironomidae. These are abundant all over the world, but compared to insects they are particularly numerous and species rich in cold regions.

• If people are interested in this topic, what can they do to get involved in addition to submitting an abstract?

If people are interested in this topic, please visit our web-page ( or the Polar Life discussion group on ( or send me an e-mail (

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