Session Spotlight: FISH-BOL

Kris Jett

Kris Jett

Only five days left before abstract submission close! Remember, submit by midnight Eastern US Time on 15 June.


Session Spotlight

Session: FISH-BOL

Session Chair: Robert Hanner and Bob Ward

• What does your proposed session cover? Why is it important to barcoding?

The FISH-BOL workshop will cover the progress of the fish barcoding campaign from its inception in 2005. Much progress has been made (>8,000 of the 30,000+ fish species have been barcoded), but much remains to be done and some issues (especially pertaining to identification of some reference specimens) still need to be resolved. Fish barcoding is an important field for barcoding, as fish are so diverse (about 50% of all vertebrates) and highly important, both commercially and ecologically. Identification of processed and fragmentary remains can be done through barcoding, assisting management and market compliance, and egg and larval discrimination is readily achievable.

• What is your vision for the 4th Conference?

FISH-BOL is an international campaign, and I hope that interested parties come from around the world to share their experiences and visions for the future of FISH-BOL.

• What research do you do?

I am a geneticist and am primarily involved in fish and seafood barcoding. I work at CSIRO in Hobart (Tasmania) with a group of internationally-recognised fish taxonomists who recognize the importance of this approach to their endeavours.

• If people are interested in this topic, what can they do to get involved in addition to submitting an abstract?

They can contact either of the FISH-BOL chairs (myself and Paul Hebert) or the FISH-BOL campaign coordinator (Bob Hanner) or the chair of their regional FISH-BOL working group (see the FISH-BOL website:

One Response to “Session Spotlight: FISH-BOL”

  1. wang zhongduo Says:

    I am trying my best to get the DNA barcoding for the identification of fishes in Southou china sea. We are anxious that the BOLD Identification System (IDS) can provide multi-sequences search funtion. Or iBOL can provide more convenient analysis tool.

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