Unprecedented Registration for Adelaide Conference: Space Very Limited

Dr. David Schindel

Dr. David Schindel

Registration for the Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference in Adelaide, South Australia (28 November – 3 December 2011) is about to surpass the records for all past conferences.

The 2007 Taipei conference and the 2009 Mexico City conference each attracted about 350 participants.  With more than two months to go before the Adelaide conference, more than 320 people have already registered.

The Local Organizing Committee has indicated that the facilities are limited to about 400 registered participants.  They predict that at the current rate, the conference could be filled as soon as mid-October, forcing them to close registration.

Be sure to register soon to ensure your place in the conference!

The pre-conference training events are also nearly filled.  Organizers report that more than 120 people have registered and a limit of 140 has been set.  These events are designed for newcomers to barcoding and the organizers ask people to register only if they are seeking a first introduction to barcoding techniques.

The early discounted registration is now closed though students and participants from developing countries still have reduced fees for registration.

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