“In Adelaide – Late night eats”


When travelling, the times you need to eat or are hungry often don’t coincide with when kitchens are open, and unless you know the city you are in the chances of finding food can be quite slim. So we present the places where you can still get food after about 10pm:

Ying Chow: This place is an Adelaide Institution, famed for its excellent northern Chinese cuisine at great prices, it is also open late. The kitchen here doesn’t close until 1am most nights. 114 Gouger St, Adelaide

Bazu: If you can handle your chilli, this is the place for you. Ignore the chilli ratings at your own peril. Open until 11pm, Bazu serves Szechuan Chinese. 31 Gouger St, Adelaide

BBQ city:  Simple honest and easy Chinese, this place delivers value for money. 84 Gouger St, Adelaide

Photo by breahn (Flickr)ner alternatives.

Pancake Kitchen: Establised in 1965, this pancake house is open 24 hours a day and always provides fluffy yummy pancakes with both sweet and savoury toppings as well as a savoury dish menu with some dinner alternatives.

24 hour bakeries: We have some marvellous 24 hour bakeries in Adelaide, one on the Norwood Parade and the Bakery on O’Connell in North Adelaide. Both provide tasty snacks and bakery goods at all hours. So if you find yourself at a loss for food, these two bakeries always provide.

San Giorgios – Pizza available at all hours, need we say more? 217 Rundle St Adelaide

Al Fresco: This place has good honest food, nothing fancy but you will enjoy what they offer. Your best bet is to get something from the specials wall. 260 Rundle St, Adelaide

Fast food: If you’re after something familiar and fast, there’s the Hungry Jacks (A.K.A Burger King) on the corner of Rundle St and Pultney St or the McDonalds on West Terrace.

So if you find yourself not adjusting to the time difference, or just feel like a late night snack – hopefully one of these options will take your fancy!

Next week we look at places to eat which give you excellent food at a great value for money.

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