“In Adelaide – Cheap eats”


Adelaide has some great places where you can get a delicious bite to eat at a very good price. If you are looking for value for money, a good meal for under $12 AUS is not hard to find.

Adelaide Central Markets: The Central Markets are the hub for Adelaide Food.  Started over 140 years ago, you can always find something to eat a good price. Venture into one of the food courts to choose from nearly every style of food you can think of, or try your luck with some of the fixtures inside the market proper. The Asian Gourmet is home to the best Laksa in town or Lucias for their famous pasta. You will find everyone and anyone at the markets and as for food, it is very difficult to do wrong.

Dumpking King: This place is where you go if you want fast cheap and tasty food. The dumplings here are all handmade and include a vegetarian option. Just in case you don’t like dumplings they have a wide menu that includes all manner of rice and noodle dishes. The tea is free and they provide the most amazing chilli oil around to go with the dumplings. There are two Dumpling Kings in town, the original, on Moonta St, just off Grote, and a new Dumpling King has just opened up at 408 King William St.

Thanh Thanh: Simple and fresh Vietnamese, if you haven’t had a Pho yet, you’ve been missing out on something special. This beef broth with noodles is a staple in Vietnam and Thanh Thanh has the best in town. The owners used to have the Pho Baria 2 on Hansen road about 20 minutes out of the city and have now set up shop in the CBD, much to the delight of many. 18 Field Street, Adelaide.

Cafes: are all over the city, the most basic will furnish your hunger with a sandwich or a roll, others get more fancy. Nearly all serve good coffee. For that matter it’s hard to find a truly bad coffee in Adelaide. Take a stroll down Rundle Street to find a Cafe that suits your tastes.

Adelaide's busy Rundle Street. Photo courtesy of Andrew Finegan (Flickr)

Pubs: Adelaide has lots of pubs, most providing food for their punters, but the prices and quality can vary. As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with a pub schnitzel, most offering a lunch deal mid week. Keep an eye on these for a good deal.

Next week we introduce you to some of the Adelaide Institutions which are definitely worth a visit!


One Response to ““In Adelaide – Cheap eats””

  1. Matthew Says:

    You should also check out the new Zen House on bent road in the city, meals are very cheap $8 and very healthy

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